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Max Sound & Liquid Spins

Max Sound & Liquid Spins Promotional Offer!

AminoFactory customers are able to purchase music through!


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Additionally, for a limited time only, customers who purchase $50 or more* worth of supplements will be rewarded with a $15 Liquid Spins Gift Card that can be used to buy and download songs directly from Liquid Spins' music library. Your songs can then be organized into workout playlists using the dedicated Liquid Spins HD Audio app to help you get the most out of your workouts! 
*$50.00 purchase does not include tax or shipping costs

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About Max Sound

Max Sound (MAX·D) is an audio process that substantially improves sound quality,

without increasing file size. MAX·D is a dynamic process, not a static process like other audio technologies.

Think movie (dynamic) vs. picture (static).

MAX·D makes it possible for electronic devices to hold more content and use less data saving time and money in the downloading and playback process. MAX·D is dynamically improving how we listen to:
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Audiobooks
  • Video Games
  • Television
  • Communication


About Liquid Spins

Since downloading has become the preferred method of music delivery, the team at MAX·D has figured out a better way to “SPIN” this process. In late 2012, MAX·D purchased the assets of Liquid Spins and developed a better way to market, sell and listen to music.

The MAX·D team wanted every music lover to experience music the way it was meant to be heard - in MAX·D HD Audio. 

Hence, the new Liquid Spins was born!! Now everyone- everywhere can easily download their favorite DRM-free music and receive a free Liquid Spins HD Audio App to achieve this audio excellence.

MAX·D has also developed a white label program for companies, businesses and retailers who want to have their own music stores.

For more information about Liquid Spins or white label programs contact us at

To learn more about Liquid Spins or purchase music go to or watch a brief video here